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First of all, Congratulations to you on getting through SEA-AIR training and obtain our authorization! This authorization certificate is issued by SEA-AIR for training and assessment of a qualified liferaft service station authorized to repair SEA-AIR liferafts in its country or region.

Liferaft re-inspection certificate should be recorded to repair SEA-AIR brand life raft, this certificate is only for SEA-AIR brand liferaft service and shall be bought in our factory. It can be filled out by hand or computer print (electronic version pls download on our company's website). Each re-inspection certificate number is unique, to be completed after the liferaft service according to the actual service situation, stamped with the official seal of the service station and the responsible person to prove that the life raft has been timely and effective serviced. Service station should fill in the re-inspection certificate and scan to upload to our after-sale service mail box (

The above re-inspection certificate is owned by Ningbo Neptune Life-Saving Equipment Co., Ltd., and may not be reproduced without the authorization of SEA-AIR!